Machine Quilting Service

Preparing your Quilts

Before submitting your quilt for long arm quilting please make sure your quilt is ready.

  • - No loose threads front or back
  • - Quilt is fully pressed
  • - There are no straight or safety pins left in quilt
  • - Please be sure you provide sufficient backing and or batting for your project. Long arm quilting requires an extra 3" for all sides. Example: If your quilt is 70" x 70" you will need 76" x 76" of backing and or batting.

Batting may be supplied by you or can be included with your project. Backing must be 6" larger than quilt.

Binding service may also be included.

Any thread trimming, unbasting, un-pinning, mending, or squaring will be an additional charge of $20/hour.



By giving us your quilt you are entrusting us to use our best judgement and that we will do the best we can according to your request. However, sometimes your instructions may not come out just as you pictured in your mind.

Quilts that are not square or have material flaws will be quilted to the best of our ability.

Quilting Rates

Crib: $100.00
Twin: $150.00
Queen: $200.00

Above pricing includes batting, thread and design of your choice.

Batting Rates

Crib: $20.00
Twin: $30.00
Queen: $40.00

Binding Rates

Crib: $50.00
Twin: $75.00
Queen: $100.00